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Bars and Squares @ George Brown

Course summary

So, I can make Brownies, Blondies, an awesome carrot cake and millionaire shortbread to name but a few but I wanted to learn some different Bars and Squares and try some new techniques so figured I would do this course to learn and discover more. Success..... not only did I learn how to make Nanaimo bars (see week 1) but the teacher (Chef Rock) was awesome, gave us some great tips and really helped us understand the recipes.

Where: George Brown, Canada

Why I took the course: Just for fun

Cost: $244

Required materials: Black safety shoes, Chef's uniform, Baking toolkit, two 8 x 8 Square Pan

When I took it: 2011

Teacher name: Chef Rock

Would I recommend this course: Yes


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Lesson Reviews

Lesson One Review:

Nanaimo Bars are a Canadian tradition. The base of walnuts, coconut and graham crumbs is strangely addictive but when you then top this with a custard centre and chocolate topping you just can't go wrong! This recipe is great, in fact so good I made it again when I got home to double up the quanies and the recipe is no fail.

Lesson Two Review:

These Pumpkin Bars are extremely delicious, very moist and definitely moreish.

Lesson Three Review:

Chocolate Pecan Bars and Cornflake Crunch. In this lesson I learnt a great tip; a mixture of dark chocolate and white chocolate gives the impression of being milk chocolate but has this amazing depth that you would never get with milk chocolate.

Lesson Four Review:

Blondies and Brownies. Some people think that blondies are just brownies with no chocolate but these delightful squares were spiced and delicious a completely new take on the blondie.

Lesson Five Review:

Blueberry Streusel Squares and Apple Brown Betty. After a few weeks of cakes and chocolate this week we tried to play it a bit healthier we baked using fruit. The taste of these was great but they were quite difficult to eat given the large amount of fruit in them.

Lesson Six Review:

Date Orange Squares and Deluxe Lemon Bars. These lemon bars were truly deluxe they had a quality not usually found in a lemon bar and the date and orange squares were great.

Review by: MrsH