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Breakfast Breads @ George Brown

Course summary

This course was really good. I have always thought breakfast breads like brioche, croissants and bagels would be too hard for me to make at home. This course was great as I now know how to make these - I may never have enough time to invest in the 24 hour croissant process but what is important is that I now know I can if I want to! I loved the course - it was delicious, fun and informative and I would recommend it to everyone!

Where: George Brown, Canada

Why I took the course: Other

Cost: $244

Required materials: Black safety shoes, Chef's uniform, Baking toolkit

When I took it: 2010

Would I recommend this course: Yes


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Lesson Reviews

Lesson One Review:

We made brioche it was delicious and much easier than I thought it would be. If would definitely make this again. The only thing is that I would probably want this to be more buttery if I made it at home.

Lesson Two Review:

In this class we did two things - we made Chelsea buns and we prepared for next week. The Chelsea buns were fun and nice the only comment was that they didn't last very long and didn't freeze well - something we would definitely need to eat immediately - this might have been because shortening was used and not butter. If I made these at home I would most definitely NOT use shortening so maybe they would last longer. The other thing we made was the dough in preparation for next week as it needed time to make as it involved lots of folding and rolling. The recipe we used involved butter but we were given a type of margarine which was not quite as good but when made at home I would use butter.

Lesson Three Review:

The croissant dough that we made last week we took out of the freezer and made into croissants. They were more bready and less flaky than croissants you would buy from a store but otherwise they were very nice. They also froze well. Then we made the dough for next week which was very similar to the croissant dough.

Lesson Four Review:

We made a wide variety of Danish pastries. The Danish pastry dough is very versatile we mixed it with poppy seeds and jam. Again these didn't freeze brilliantly but they were better than the Chelsea buns when defrosted this was probably because we used a king of margarine and not butter. Definitely use butter at home.

Lesson Five Review:

Wow bagels - these tasted great and were so useful. We used these as burger buns which tasted great and worked brilliantly. These were made using fresh yeast like most of the goods at this college. This is great as it has a much better taste than dried yeast but it is not very easy for the home baker to get hold of so it is good that they give us the conversion rates.

Lesson Six Review:

Final week - we made coffee cakes poppy seed and almond sun cake. Really fun. Very nice but a bit too bready for my liking - they went down well at work.

Review by: MrsH