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Croquembouche @ George Brown

Course summary

In this course each pupil was tasked with making a croquembouche. This meant making choux pastry, pastry cream and caramel and crafting it to all stick together. This could have been a complete nightmare except for the fact that Chef D'Souza is great. She really walked us through each element of the baking process in the perfect amount of detail which meant I walked away with a lovely little croquembouche. In addition we got a full step by step recipe guide which means that if I ever feel brave enough again I can attempt it at home! The facilities at George Brown are fairly new and the majority of the kitchens are designed just right for either cooking or baking. We were put in a baking kitchen for this course which meant that everything went smoothly.

Where: George Brown, Canada

Why I took the course: Other

Cost: $124

Required materials: Black safety shoes, Chef's Uniform, Baking Toolkit

When I took it: 2011

Teacher name: Chef D'Souza

Would I recommend this course: Yes


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Review by: MrsH