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2927 Foundations in Entrepreneurial Management @ University of Toronto

Course summary

This class is the first in a series of entrepreneurial classes offered by the University of Toronto continuing studies. This course covers: legal and tax requirements of a start-up business or non-profit venture; different ways of accessing start-up funds; finding and validating an idea for a business; articulating your value proposition; and drafting a business model.

Where: University of Toronto, Canada

Why I took the course: Career development

Cost: $495

Required materials: 3 books

Cost of materials: about $30 per book

When I took it: 2014

Teacher name: Keri Damen

Would I recommend this course: Yes


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Lesson Reviews

Lesson One Review:

Week 1: The Entrepreneur: Problems as opportunities. This class gave an introduction to the course and the learning outcomes. Keri gave an introduction to MaRS, problems as opportunities and SMART objectives. We did an in class exercise where we brainstormed everyday problems and how we could solve them this was really interesting as in our group we were able to come up with some problems and potential solutions. This really demonstrated that how problems can become opportunities and anyone can come up with a business idea!

Review by: Jack Jones