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photography @ Newcastle college

Course summary

Enrolled on a photography course to expand my knowledge and inspire for higher qualifications, failed on both! While the college had an enviable reputation, (previous attendee) and facilities it seems to be more business driven these days. The facilities are still excellent but the standard of tuition has fallen, with the emphasis on how to 'jump through the right hoops and press the right buttons' to gain a qualification rather than teach and prepare. Felt like I already knew more about photography than the original tutor, and when the 'pro' joined he proclaimed there was 'no advantage in having a full frame camera, the size of the sensor doesn't really make a difference' I walked onto a discussion regarding exposure compensation and why they couldn't find out how to set it on manual!! that was enough for me! I had high hopes but the tutors failed to deliver. This is of course my own opinion, others I know have attended and achieved their goals, it was evident I was not going to achieve mine!

Where: Newcastle college, United Kingdom

Why I took the course: Further Education

When I took it: 2011

Would I recommend this course: No


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Review by: Mick