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MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 @ MaRS

Course summary

Entrepreneurship 101 is a free weekly lecture series about how to start a successful business. Topics include: types of entrepreneurship; funding your business, management; legal; value proposition; marketing; product development; IP; business model canvas and much more.

Where: MaRS, Canada

Why I took the course: Further Education

Cost: FREE

Required materials: none

Cost of materials: N/A

When I took it: 2012

Teacher name: Various

Would I recommend this course: Yes


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Lesson Reviews

Lesson One Review:

The Journey Begins, introduction lecture. Keri Damon gave an introduction into entrepreneurship, what MaRS does, the course contents, MaRs's Up-Start competition, the MaRS Toolkit, and some basics about finding your idea.

Lesson Two Review:

Bruce Poon Tip - Lived It Lecture, this lecture was given by Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of G Adventures. A very inspirational lecture about how he developed his company from just himself with credit cards and a FAX machine in 1992 to today a multinational company. He explained how he overcame business difficulties, delivers on his brand promise and how his approach to social enterprise.

Lesson Three Review:

Arshia Tabrizi - Entrepreneurial ecosystem and legal fundamentals. Arshia from Tabrizilaw talked about how to plan out the legal aspects of a start up company, including: intellectual property; corporate organization; and contracts.

Lesson Four Review:

Allyson Hewitt and Kerri Golden - Different types of entrepreneurship. They talked about different types of businesses; for profit, not for profit, co-operative, hybrid. They also spoke about different types of organizations; consulting, services, social ventures, products.

Lesson Five Review:

Jon Warren from ClearSky Advisors talked about entrepreneurial management: scientific management; agile development; lean thinking; customer development methodology; and lean startup.

Lesson Six Review:

Joe Wilson - Developing a value proposition. Joe talked about what makes a value proposition, the key values when selling B2B and B2C.

Lesson Seven Review:

Steve Carkner - Product Development. Steve from Panacis talked about product development and how to meet customer/market requirements.

Lesson Six Review:

Meet the Entrepreneurs, life science and health care. Joel Ironstone (SenoSENSE Medical Systems Inc), Trevor van Mierlo (Evolution Health Systems Inc) and Alex Hodgson (1DegreeBio) talked about their experiences in starting life sciences companies.

Lesson Nine Review:

IP Management - Nathaniel Lipkus, Mathew Powell and Ashlee Froese from Gilbert's LLP talked about patents, trademarks, copyright, design and trade secrets.

Lesson Ten Review:

Mark Zimmerman talked about the business model canvas. He talked about all of the components of the business model canvas; customer, value proposition, channels, revenue activities, resources, partners, costs, social and environmental.

Review by: Mike