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Surfing @ Lets Go Surfing

Course summary

This was an amazing experience. I took the winter deal, which gave me three two-hour lessons to be used within the winter months. The groups were small and they separated the adults from the kids so you did not have to worry about little kids showing you up. The instructors were very encouraging and helped introduce the sections of the beach that were safe to surf in. My first lesson I was able to stand, the second I got a little bit more control and after the third I felt like I got the surfing bug! To rent the surf board and wet suit at the beach for two hours it would be $30. So this deal was definitely worth it!

Where: Lets Go Surfing, Australia

Why I took the course: Just for fun

Cost: $150

When I took it: 2013

Teacher name: Nigel, Lara and Aidan

Would I recommend this course: Yes


Overall rating:

Review by: Steph