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Muay Thai Class @ Old School Muay Thai

Course summary

Muay thai, or thai boxing, classes are a challenging and fun way to get fit. The class starts with 10 minutes of skipping, followed by about 30 minutes of warm up that includes various pushups, ab work, squats, etc. The remaining time is spent learning and practicing muay thai techniques either in partner work with pads, or work on hanging bags. Techniques include punching, knees, kicking, elbows, and blocking. Kru James, the owner of Old School Muay Thai, also teaches and is really amazing at making you feel welcome, and pushing you to your limits. This is also a great way to get rid of stress and frustration that builds up over a week of work. A great way to lose weight or get fit in general.

Where: Old School Muay Thai, Canada

Why I took the course: Health

Cost: 96$/month unlimited

Required materials: Comfortable clothing

When I took it: 2010-present

Teacher name: Kru James

Would I recommend this course: Yes


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Review by: Malgosia