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Chocolate making workshop @ Chocolate Tales Inc.

Course summary

This course was a very basic introduction to chocolate making. There was a brief overview to chocolate and tempering. We made some very simple dipped chocolate and decorated a chocolate cake. There was a demonstration of how to make molded chocolates. We had a Groupon and paid $34 for this workshop, it's probably OK value for $34 but it's definitely not worth paying full price. The lesson is very short (only a few hours) so there isn't enough time to do anything in any depth. We had previously taken a course at George Brown College (about 35 hours) which was a lot more expensive and required more time but it is worth the time and money to take the George Brown course.

Where: Chocolate Tales Inc., Canada

Why I took the course: Just for fun

Cost: $34

Required materials: none

When I took it: 2013

Would I recommend this course: No


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Review by: Mike