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Ice climbing @ One Axe Pursuits

Course summary

I had been indoor rock climbing a few times but wanted to try something different..... This course is run at different locations depending on the ice conditions, we went to Tiffany Falls in Hamilton. We started with an introduction to the equipment and belaying. It didn't take long before we were climbing up the ice. There were quite a few people climbing but they set up lots of ropes so there was never a wait. There were plenty of different routs for you to try so that make it interesting, the highest was about 80 foot. It's very tiring but I managed 5 climbs. It's good to pace yourself, some people left early because they were tired. The instructors were very knowledgeable and really good at climbing. The winter had been very mild, the ice climbing season is December - March, we went in February and the ice condition was good. I really enjoyed this and highly recommend it!

Where: One Axe Pursuits, Canada

Why I took the course: Just for fun

Cost: $160 +HST

Required materials: Warm clothes and snow pants

When I took it: 2013

Teacher name: Frederick and Julia

Would I recommend this course: Yes


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Review by: Mike