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Snuba @ Fantasea diving & watersports

Course summary

Snuba is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. It's like scuba diving but instead of the oxygen tanks being on your back, they are on a raft and there is a 15 foot long pipe connected to your breathing regulator. This is a perfect introduction to scuba diving. I had no prior knowledge and had actually never been snorkeling before I took this lesson. The lesson began with an introduction to diving, the equipment and breathing techniques. We were soon in the water and had about 30mins of diving time. We didn't go far from the shore but there was still a lot to see. Our instructor (Sean) was amazing he pointed out lots of fish, corral and even found a lobster. I was in a small group with only two other people, which meant we weren't crowded. Really enjoyed it, for anyone who is thinking about learning to scuba dive this is definitely a must!

Where: Fantasea diving & watersports, Bermuda

Why I took the course: Just for fun

Cost: $200

Required materials: none

When I took it: 2013

Teacher name: Sean

Would I recommend this course: Yes


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Review by: Mike