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Introduction to Web Design and Development (COMP 9323) @ George Brown

Course summary

This course was an excellent introduction to the internet and building web sites. It went a lot further than I would have expected an introduction course, I think 'intermediate course' would be a better description (although it still goes through the basics so no prior knowledge is required). Prior to taking this course I had no knowledge of making web sites and by the end of the course I was able to publish a web site. Between the recommended course book and the introduction course you will be able to produce a web site. Here's a link to the site I made for my final project (I could improve it now but I have left it unmodified so you can see what the course will teach you): http://www.coffeebreakschool.com/

Where: George Brown, Canada

Why I took the course: Just for fun

Cost: $494

Required materials: Book, Learning Web Design, A Beginner's Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics

Cost of materials: $50

When I took it: 2012

Teacher name: Milan Cobanov

Would I recommend this course: Yes


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Lesson Reviews

Lesson One Review:

Introduction to the web, who invented the web, basics behind how it works - although this sounds mundane I had little knowledge into how it all worked so I found this interesting and very useful. Also, Milan went through a lot of online resources that have proved to be invaluable. I was impressed, in the first lesson we started to learn how to write html. In class we learnt how html works and wrote a heading and text in notepad that could then be displayed in a browser. At home, using the suggested online references I was able to start formatting the text, add a link, add buttons and change the background colour. Milan didn't suggest the hideous yellow colour, that was all me!

Lesson Two Review:

This week we learnt more html tags, including: ordered list; unordered list; headings; strong; emphasised; strike; and horizontal line. This lesson focused on how to correctly nest the tags.

Lesson Three Review:

This week we learnt: absolute links; relative links; email; and google maps.

Lesson Four Review:

This week we learnt formatting. Again, don't blame Milan for the hideous colour selection....

Lesson Five Review:

This week we learnt how to make our boring html pages look like a real web page. We learnt how to use CSS to style a web page. Milan showed us how to construct a layout of a header, navigation bar, two text areas and footer. Our pages were made so that they would be viewed correctly on multiple screen sizes, I checked mine on a computer and an iPad, it looked good on both.

Lesson Six Review:

This week we worked more on using CSS to style our web pages. We learnt how to selectively style the same tags with different CSS. We learnt how to style a navigation bar containing links differently to a link tag in the main text.

Lesson Seven Review:

Up until this week we had been using notepad++, this week Milan gave us an introduction to Dreamweaver. We learnt the basics to Dreamweaver and how to add and remove tags. We learnt how to create a layout of a header, navigation bar, text areas and footer (similar to week 5). Milan showed us how to create this from scratch and also how to use the templates. FINAL PROJECT The final project was to create a web page. This had to be at least 4 pages all linking together. My final project was a web page to upload video lessons. For my final project I used html, CSS, links, videos, images, and google web fonts. Milan asked for the final projects to be emailed to him but I decided to publish my web site online. Check it out: http://www.coffeebreakschool.com

Review by: Mike