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Discover Skiing & Snowboarding @ Blue Mountain

Course summary

My brother came to visit and he wanted to learn how to snowboard, neither of us had ever stepped on a snowboard. We went to Blue Mountain on the Greyhound, it's not ideal as it takes a while and you have to come back early so you don't get much time there. We had looked on the web site and wanted to try their Discover Skiing & Snowboarding program. As we had never been before it was very confusing but eventually we worked it out, you first register as a guest on the computer system and give your height, age, weight etc. Then you buy your ticket ($79+HST for all day), this includes rentals, beginner lift ticket and drop-in lesson circuit. You should also get a helmet. Then you get your gear and head out to the hill. The lessons are group lessons where you go to a post and learn that specific skill. First you learn how to put the board on and walk around some cones, then at the next stage you learn how to go down the hill with one foot attached, then you learn how to side slip down the hill with both feet attached, then you practice side slipping down a bigger hill. After that you can practice turning the board but we didn't get that far. With the discover ticket you don't have access to all of the hills (probably a good thing and we didn't really need this). You have access to some small hills with magic carpets and one larger hill with a ski lift (we didn't get good enough for the bigger hill). The lessons are really good but as it's a different teacher at each station it depends on how keen they are, some of the younger teachers didn't really want to help so it's up to you to ask them to help. It was really good and I would recommend it for anyone who is wondering if they will like snowboarding. After the discover snowboarding I asked one of my friends to give me some lessons and I can now board reasonably well.

Where: Blue Mountain, Canada

Why I took the course: Just for fun

Cost: $79+HST

Required materials: None (but snow pants would have been good!)

When I took it: 2009

Teacher name: Various

Would I recommend this course: Yes


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Review by: Mike