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Hi, my name is Mike. I like taking classes and making web sites.... I hope you enjoy my reviews!

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Snuba @ Fantasea diving & watersports

What I did:

Snuba is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. It's like scuba diving but instead of the oxygen tanks being on your back, they are on a raft and there is a 15 foot long pipe connected to your breathing regulator...


Discover Skiing & Snowboarding @ Blue Mountain

What I did:

My brother came to visit and he wanted to learn how to snowboard, neither of us had ever stepped on a snowboard...

Rock Climbing @ Joe Rockhead's

What I did:

I had never climbed before, my brother and his girlfriend were in town so we thought we would give it a go...

Introduction to Web Design and Development (COMP 9323) @ George Brown

What I did:

This course was an excellent introduction to the internet and building web sites...

Ice climbing @ One Axe Pursuits

What I did:

I had been indoor rock climbing a few times but wanted to try something different...

Chocolate making workshop @ Chocolate Tales Inc.

What I did:

This course was a very basic introduction to chocolate making...

Tea mixology @ Herbal Infusion

What I did:

In the workshop Dan showed us how to make cocktails using tea...

MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 @ MaRS

What I did:

Entrepreneurship 101 is a free weekly lecture series about how to start a successful business...

Paint Nite @ Paint Nite

What I did:

This was a fun night. Erin was a great teacher and explained everything very clearly...

Introduction to working with glass @ Playing with Fire

What I did:

This course was an introduction to working with hot glass. Minna first explained about the process of working with glass and then gave a demonstration...

Know Your Spirits @ Bartending School of Ontario

What I did:

This was a very informative and drunken class! Rob made loads of cocktails and explained about the spirits and how they all worked together...