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Warrior Bootcamp

Overview: Warrior Bootcamp Fitness means more than achieving a number on the scale or a particular size of pants: it is a journey where the development of a strong body leads to a calm mind and a joyful spirit. I want to help women of all ages, sizes, and shapes find their inner warrior in a safe, supportive atmosphere. I have developed a program that integrates martial arts, functional fitness work using body weight, and flowing yoga postures. You'll discover you are capable of so much more than you ever thought possible--the pounds are going to fly off while you actually have fun! And no, you don't have to hit anybody!

Topics covered: Warrior camp is a boot camp style program that combines 3 different styles of training: 1. Functional Fitness; 2. Martial Arts; and 3. Yoga. This unique system is not only fun, but will help you to get into the best shape of your life! By combining martial art movements, functional fitness and a soothing yoga practice you will leave every class feeling like a warrior! What would a typical class entail? Warm up 10-15 min Every class will start with a light, full body warm up to prepare yourself for the fitness portion of the class. The warm up will hit every major muscle group (Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes etc.) Fitness 10-15 min There will be several exercises performed within the fitness portion. All exercises will be demonstrated from the easiest form to the most challenging so that everybody's level of fitness will be pushed. Example Exercises include: Mountain climbers, planks, fast feet, stability ball, resistance bands, etc. Martial Arts 10-15 min Don't let the heading scare you! This is always the most fun and enjoyable part of the class. Regardless of your experience, martial arts is for everyone. Here you will learn to properly defend yourself by using the best techniques from a variety of Martial Arts. Example Exercises: Boxing combinations, evasive maneuvers, pad work drills. Yoga 10-15 min Time to relax! During the last part of the class you will relax and unwind by gently flowing into various asanas. Example Poses: Downward dog, upward dog, pigeon pose, tree pose, triangle pose etc. Please Note: No previous knowledge in any area is required. Technique is taught from a fundamental level which you build upon class after class.

Street Address: 945 A Upper Meadow Bank Road

City: Charlottetown

Province: Prince Edward Island

Country: Canada

Web site: www.peibootcamp.com