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Trevor Salloum

Overview: Trevor Salloum is well known internationally as a music educator who specializes in Afro-Cuban and Middle Eastern drumming. He has taught drumming at universities, colleges and schools for over 30 years. He studied music at Notre Dame University, Banff School of Fine Arts and is a graduate of York University. He is a best selling author with international publisher Mel Bay Publications Inc. and has produced numerous books, CDs, DVDs and videos on drumming. See YouTube Channels: drumndance & dancingskins

Topics covered: Middle Eastern Drumming and Percussion Afro-Cuban Drumming and Percussion Jazz Drumming Rock Drumming Blues Drumming Shekere Making Drumming for Health Music Book Publishing Entertainment Bookings

Street Address: Lawrence Ave, Kelowna

City: Kelowna

Province: British Columbia

Country: Canada

Web site: www.trevorsalloum.com