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The Stone Massage Company

Overview: The Stone Massage Company offers In-Class and Distant Learning Certification courses in Full Body Hot Stone Therapy. You will learn everything about Hot Stone Therapy and how to confidently perform a full body hot stone massage. You will also learn how to heat, clean, and care for your stones. The 1 day in-class course is followed by 5 case studies and a written exam at home. If you are too far away to attend our in-class courses, study at home with our distant learning option. Submit your work when you are completed for final evaluation. RMT's receive CEU's in approved provinces (See website) Cost of In-Class Course $299.00/Distant Learning $259.00 Register at www.thestonemassage.com or call 416-882-1289/1-888-405-8688

Topics covered: The In-class and distant learning course is 30 hours in length and covers the following... 1- History of hot stone therapy 2- Naturally formed stones versus mechanically tumbled stones 3- Properties of basalt stone and other types of stones 4- Effects of heat and cold on the body 5- Benefits of hot and cold stone therapy 6- Contraindications of hot stone therapy 7- How to heat and care for your stones 8- How to cleanse and re-energize your stones 9- Hot stone massage techniques 10- Massage oils and lotions 11- How to perform a hot stone massage full body routine 12- How to incorporate aromatherapy into hot stone therapy 13- Integrating chakra work into hot stone therapy 14- Setting up your therapy room and getting started as a hot stone therapy

Street Address: Toronto

City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Web site: www.thestonemassage.com