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Sailing Fanatics

Overview: Sailing Fanatics is a seriously exciting adult sailing school in Toronto! What makes us seriously exciting? We aim to give every student who passes through our school the best learn to sail experience. Our instructors are passionate and committed to sailing, the boats we use we're designed for those who want to learn to sail but are also amazingly fun to sail. That means if you are a seasoned and skillful sailor, we can offer you a great experience too! Sailing Fanatics is also one of the most flexible sailing schools around. We give you options. Free during the day for a lesson...we can help! Want a private lesson with only you and an instructor...we can do it! Have a group of friends that want to try sailing...no problem, we'll design a package that works for you!

Topics covered: We teach learn to sail and we teach it with passion, experience and authority! You'll ge a great experience with us whatever course or experience you choose. The majority of our courses are group lessons or experiences. We offer learn to sail courses with no more than 6 students and sailing experiences for up to 12 friends of colleagues. Everything we do is great value...we have new boats, qualified and experienced instructors that give you lots of individual attentions, expensive sailing gear to borrow, so, you don't have to borrow it. We also have experienced sailors who teach private lessons that are great value. Perhaps you want to brush up on some sailing skills, take your loved one for an evening sail or learn to sail...we can do it all privately.

Street Address: 14 Regatta Road

City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Web site: www.sailingfanatics.ca