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Petits Chefs Academy Inc.

Overview: Petits Chefs Academy Inc. is an educational cooking school specifically designed for children, families, the culinary newbie and enthusiast. A fun, interactive and safe environment where children will discover the value and joy of healthy nutritional cooking, a life skill that not only will enrich their academics such as math, science, reading, social studies and much more but one that will empower them to make wise, healthy food choices now and for a lifetime. When it comes to cooking — and learning to cook — everybody has to start somewhere and its best to start early. Petits Chefs Academy is a get-back-into-the-kitchen school, a how-to guide that teaches and demonstrates the ABCs of preparing quick & simple yet delicious, healthy and nutritious meals. Think of us as your own private cooking school. Whether you’ve never cooked before, just starting out or have been “winging” it for years, here’s your chance to learn all the basic tips, terms and techniques you’ll need to know to really get cooking. Get-back-into-the-kitchen and see how much fun cooking can be! Grab a friend and grab your apron — it’s time for petits chefs everywhere to discover the value and joy of healthy nutritional cooking. Not only will Petits Chefs Academy be feeding your bodies but also their minds.

Topics covered: At Petits Chefs Academy we offer a unique selection of programs at basic, intermediate and advanced levels which have been specifically designed to serve the needs of the community and its’ children. We will achieve this through: Individual Classes; School Field Trips (you come to us); Outreach Program (we come to you); Special Groups (Special Needs, Girl Guides & Scouts, Home-School Enrichment, Seniors); Culinary classes made to order, and; Pay-As-You-Go (PA Days, After school Drop-In) Every program is developed and executed in an educational format with an age appropriate curriculum so that students get the most out of their culinary experience and learn the essentials of cooking, while discovering the value & joy of healthy nutritional food/s. Students will have the opportunity to showcase what they learn in their specific program through on-site demonstrations to the parents and or special guests. We will host Iron Chef inspired competitions and work at publishing a Petits Chefs Cookbook that the students will actively contribute too through culinary experiments and the creation of different dishes and recipes that have had successful results. These will be entered into the cookbook with the creators name, picture and recipele. Through our programs your children will benefit as we’ll be working through many academic subjects such as math, science, geography, social studies and much, much more. It’s an Academy of great learning, great fun and great cooking!

Street Address: 9661 Jane Street, Unit #1, Maple

City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Web site: www.petitschefsacademy.com