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Perspective & Structural Drawing for the Visual Arts

Overview: An Art Instructional Program essential for anyone interested in creating perspective accurate drawings in the Visual Arts. A knowledge of perspective is necessary in convincingly depicting an object and space in any realistic or non-realistic drawing, especially in the fields of: Advertising, Architecture, Interior Design, Animation & Cartooning, Graphic Design, Illustration, Live Action & Theater, Industrial Design and the Fine Arts.

Topics covered: - One And Two Point Perspective - Three Point Perspective - Perspective Measurements - Ellipses - Inclined Planes & Auxiliary Vanishing Points - Composition - Structural Drawing - Forms In Nature - Intersecting Planes - Drawing From A Plan - Reflections - Shadows - Spiral Staircase - Architectural Interiors And Exteriors

Street Address: 1515 Bloor St. West

City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Web site: www.DrawingInPerspective.com