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Would you give someone $500 for a box if you didn't know what was in it? You can find countless reviews about restaurants, products, holidays and more but there is a significant lack of information available about recreational classes. Everyone takes classes! Have you ever taken kids hockey classes, golf lessons, yoga classes, photography classes, business classes, painting classes, language lessons, swimming lessons, music lessons, cooking classes or even ice climbing lessons? With so many classes available it's hard to know which one is best. Often classes are poorly described and rarely do they show examples of what you can learn in the class. This results in people paying for mystery boxes every day where the contents are a surprise. If you think this is crazy then you have come to the right place!

Learning something new can be extremely rewarding however courses are very expensive and take a significant amount of time to complete - money and time are resources which most people do not have infinite amounts of. The only way to ensure you optimize your learning experience is by finding the best course for you and this is where FiDiSi can help. The information on course provider web sites is not only going to emphasise the positives but is frequently only a high level summary or brief overview of the content which is not helpful if you are trying something new for the first time.

On FiDiSi, we invite people to write reviews, describe the course content and upload images of results and achievements. As FiDiSi grows we hope people can not only see reviews of individual classes but see networks of classes and how others have achieved their goals using a combination of multiple different classes.